Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

We arrived in Seville (or Sevilla as the locals would say) around 7PM and were shown to one of the cutest Air Bnbs we’ve stayed at yet.


Our host, Ana, is super sweet and nice and even wrote us a little welcome note with a small bottle of champagne waiting for us in the fridge!  It’s the little touches like those that manage to make our stay feel really special!

In addition to the apartment being really cute, it was centrally located and even had a rooftop deck that had amazing views of the city! If you’re looking at where to stay in Seville, I would highly recommend this place, here’s the listing if anyone is interested: Seville Air Bnb



Minh and I are really hungry, but because it’s only 7PM, hardly anything is open besides coffee shops.  Spain’s meal times are similar to Italy’s where they don’t eat dinner until pretty late, usually after 9PM.  Right outside of our apartment was a restaurant called The Good Burger. Partly due to the name alone (if you grew up a kid in the 90s, you’ll recognize the name from the Nickelodeon show “All That” !) and because we were hungry and burgers are our comfort food, we decided to have dinner there.


After having tried some not so great burgers on our travels, we were pleasantly surprised that the burgers were actually pretty good!  The only downside was that the portions were pretty small even though we ordered the XL Maxi Meal (lol, we’re such Americans, I know).  They had a Jr. Burger option too, so I can’t even imagine how small that is!



Seville has some great site seeing and our first stop was to the Plaza de España.  The plaza is super huge, but luckily, not crowded at all when we went. 


You may also recognize this plaza from Star Wars Episode 2



It’s pretty cool how we’ve somehow managed to visit so many filming sites on our travels unintentionally.  Great architecture and scenery makes for good tourism and filming locations, I guess!


We grabbed lunch at a nearby Paella place, called La Paella, and tried out the traditional style which has rabbit.  It was pretty good, but much greasier than the seafood version.

They do delivery too!




We do some more sight seeing around town which includes the Cathedral of Saint Mary and grab a few snapshots of the famous Las Setas (also known as the mushroom towers), and get an even better view from the rooftop deck of our apartment!




Alcázar of Seville

While in Seville we also visited the Alcázar.  It is a royal palace originally developed by Moorish Muslim kings and is still the official residence of the royal family today. The Alcázar may also look familiar to any Game of Thrones fans, as the Kingdom of Dorne!  You can see side by side comparisons of some of the filming locations we managed to capture in this post here.





The palace reminded me a lot of the Alhambra in Granada, with very distinct Moorish architecture and design along with exquisite gardens. We saw plenty of gardeners working on the grounds, (however, the Alhambra’s gardens still look way better – and there wasn’t a gardener in sight there!).  Regardless, the gardens were still very beautiful, I think I may have been a bit spoiled having just seen the Alhambra a few days prior.




Minh facing off with the crazy eyes Peacock again..haha


The details and vivid colors of the buildings are so beautiful and pretty amazing to see that it’s been preserved and maintained so well until this day. We spent a few hours here just exploring.



Seville has some great sight seeing all within walking distance of each other.  We only had a few days here and didn’t get a chance to explore beyond the major tourist sites.  There’s plenty more to do here and is a great place to bike around along the river (which we didn’t get a chance to do).  It’s a very charming town that has a small town feel, but has plenty of activities and places to visit while there!  It was a great stop during our leg of Spain and would recommend checking it out!



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