Honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan

Honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan

Out of all places in the world, Japan has a special place in our hearts. As one of the destinations for our honeymoon, we decided we needed to go back to Japan and truly take some time to enjoy it completely as our last trip seemed a bit rushed.

We landed tired and hungry. First stop would definitely be a local ramen shop. I don’t know what it is but ramen in Japan tastes so much better than in the states. The Japanese really have perfected it and it really hit the spot.


You can probably see a trend in all our posts. Our trips really revolve around food. For a quick cheap lunch, kaiten (revolving) sushi is definitely the way to go. We went to Maguro Bito in Asakusa, which is a well known spot for good quality Toro (Tuna belly).  The fish is so fresh here and can rival the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


We met up with Tiff’s old friend Kohsuke at Yokohama to visit the Cup Noodle museum. It’s definitely a fun place to see how the inventor of cup noodles came up with the idea and there were a lot of activities for us to partake in.

You can make your own ramen cup!



We stopped by the Nissan headquarters where Kohsuke works to check out some really cool cars.



More food pictures for you guys to salivate over.


We also met up with my grade school friend Seth. I haven’t seen this guy in over 15 years.

He took us to a really good sukiyaki place which had some of the best beef I’ve ever tasted. It literally melts in your mouth.


Late night ramen run


We met up with the rest of the group the next morning at the Ding Dong cat museum or as he’s better known in Japan, Doraemon. It was a long ways away from Tokyo but pretty fun.

Our friend Connie, who is an avid Doraemon fan, went a little crazy in the gift shop.  Here she is holding one of her many bags of Doraemon toys and gifts


At the Tokyu Hands store we couldn’t resist trying on these pairs of crazy eyes glasses.